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Bail bond

Everything You Need to Bring Your Loved One Back Home

Is your family or friend facing a criminal charge? You may need a bail bond to regain the freedom of your loved one. Whether you need advice, someone to talk you through the process, or immediate bail bond service, we're always here to help. Mary & Jimmy's Bail Bonds of Naples, FL has been serving Collier County for over 26 years.


Don't stay in jail any longer than you have to. Let us use our experience to get you or your family member out of jail as soon as possible.

Ensure you have smooth court proceedings

Our certified, insured, and bonded team will leave no stone unturned to offer quick and convenient bail bonds service. You can always count on us for reliable and timely services.

Bail bond steps:

•  Gather information from jail

•  The indemnitor signs and accepts the bail bond responsibility

•  Pay 10% of bond and sign for the collateral

•  Finally, receive the bond

Don't spend one more moment in jail

Get in touch with us immediately for a hassle-free release. We understand the importance of time and quick services for you when a close family member or friend has been arrested. With our 24/7 services, we will make sure that your loved one regains freedom at the quickest possible time.

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