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Is Your Loved One Stuck Behind Bars?

Let us make your bail bond experience as quick and easy as possible. There are several different situations that require a separate type of bond. At Mary & Jimmy's Bail Bonds, we ensure you get the service you need and that you understand your options.


We have been providing bail bonds service to the Collier Country for over 26 years and are certified, bonded, and insured.

Cash, surety, and transfer bonds

•  Cash bond: The total amount of the bond is paid either through cash or cashier's check and is placed with the jail as a guarantee that the arrested individual will appear in court.

•  Surety bond: A bond is posted by the bail bonding agency guaranteeing that the arrested individual will appear at their court date.

•  Transfer bond: If a person is confined in a jail outside your hometown, we will make an arrangement for a bond to be posted almost anywhere in the United States.

Signature and federal bonds

•  Signature bonds-signature release / no collateral bonds: This term is used when a bond is posted on behalf of someone without pledging additional collateral to secure the bond. This is a contract signed pledging to repay the bonding company if the defendant skips court.

•  Federal / immigration bonds: A federal bond can still be posted even if a person is being held in jail on a federal immigration case.

Get professional advice

We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to bail you out of jail. We understand that arrests can happen anytime and you need someone you can rely on. We're dedicated to providing you with sound advice, guidance, and flexible payments. If your loved one is behind bars, give us a call now.

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